The Frugal Catholic: “Tip #2–Cream Rinse Rules” by Martha Wild King M.Ed.–October 2016

tfc-cream-rinse-3OK,  we discussed frozen candles several months ago as The Frugal Catholic  Tip #1, but today I have another great frugal handy helper for you, CREAM RINSE or conditioner– the kind which you use after shampooing.  What many extra things it can do!

SHAVING CREAM–Since my hair is really long,  I only wash it once a week, and of course, the final rinse is with “cream rinse.”  What I discovered though is I can take my long hair covered with conditioner  and rub it on my legs, then shave them.  Of course, you can use just plain cream rinse in your hands and put it on your face or legs too for the same effect, but by using the leftovers from my hair, I get a free shave.

STAINLESS STEEL POLISH–This idea is particularly helpful if you get several of those free bottles found in hotels.  No need to use really good stuff.  Just dab it on a wet towel and move in a circular motion across your appliance.  Doesn’t leave a harsh smell like some stainless steel cleaners.tfc-cream-rinse-5

GOOP  GONNER– Have some goop in your life that needs bleeping?  Well instead of finger nail polish remover, use hair conditioner.  Rub some over the sticky spot, such as a label, and then gently rub off.  Conditioner doesn’t damage plastic like finger nail polish often can.

SHOWER POWER CLEANER– Notice the shower needs scrubbing.  then put some conditioner on a rag and go for it, even while showering.  It seems to cut the scum and mold in a quick manner.

CHECK OUT YOUR CONDITIONER– Ever wondered what  exactly is in the products you use on your skin, teeth, and hair.  Well then hike yourself over to your computer and go to tfc-cream-rinse-1    (The Environmental Working Group).  Their mission is to “empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.”  You can type in any brand of cream rinse or conditioner you use (or any other cosmetic product)  and find out its safety rating–something truly worth knowing since many products we use on our hair or skin contains deadly carcinogens.

Of course this thought isn’t Biblical, but it is a practical saying from The Great Depression era:  “Make it do.  Do without.  Use it up, and wear it out,” is  a  four-pronged saying worth following because it lets us understand that one item can sometimes do many things.  So cream rinse away and save money at the same time.  It is definitely worth a try.