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Finding Purpose in Your Golden Years: The Top Jobs for Retirees by Sharon Wagner

Research shows that an increasing number of older Americans are retiring. Retirement is an aspiration for many, the penultimate achievement after a lifetime of hard work. However, as much as you might enjoy the freedom to kick back and relax instead of scheduling your life around a typical job, you may find yourself craving the satisfaction provided by occupying your time with meaningful pursuits. Perhaps you also find yourself wishing for a little extra cash to supplement your hobbies and retiree lifestyle. There are many options available for you to try.

Part-Time Educator

Regardless of your field, you possess valuable knowledge you can share with others, whether that be practical lessons from experience or conceptual information. If you have a gift for connecting with children, become a substitute teacher. This post will give you flexibility and the opportunity to contribute to the development of future generations. First, though, you'll need to contact your local Board of Education for a list of prerequisites.

Becoming a tutor is another option and often has less stringent requirements. You can search out clients on your own or go through an online tutoring platform to offer your services remotely. While some companies or clients may stipulate that you need a master's degree or teaching license, many don't. If you feel you don't have a great deal of expertise to offer, don't worry. The ability to speak English itself is an asset as there are companies that will hire you to teach it to others from the comfort of your own home without having to know any other languages.

Another avenue is to become an adjunct professor at a community college. While institutes generally want people with graduate degrees, if you have a strong background in the desired field, they might hire you even if you only have a bachelor's degree.


You finally have time to start that business you've always dreamed of. Write a business plan that includes your company name, brand, and products and services. Also, include a competitive and market analysis, marketing plan, funding requirements, and financial projections. When designing your marketing strategy, consider traditional tools like business cards and flyers as well as digital ones. Pick a good location and business structure. Register your business and obtain a federal tax ID and, if necessary, in your state, a state tax ID.


There are many fields that need consultants and other independent contractors. You could become a copywriter, web content producer, web designer, marketing professional, transcriptionist, data entry specialist, editor, online shopper, or other freelance professional. You probably acquired skills in your previous profession that will serve you well in some freelance capacity: Utilize them.


Taxi, delivery, and rideshare services need workers. They allow you to work on your own schedule and reject jobs you don't want. Limitations and requirements are few, with a degree generally not required. As long as you have a vehicle and a driver's license, you qualify for many positions.


Another job that doesn't come with many stipulations is sitting. You can be a house sitter or caretaker, a pet sitter, or a babysitter. If you are from a big family that obliged you to help out with kids a lot or have had a lot of pets, you are probably more than qualified to work as a sitter.

Finding work to fill excess time while earning a little extra spending money doesn't have to be difficult. There are many opportunities available to you, and the experience you gained in your life is sure to help you find one area of retirement employment you'd thoroughly enjoy!

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