The Path God Put Me On

What on earth is The Frugal Catholic? Is it someone who was born Catholic then became frugal, or is it a frugal soul who was given the Catholic Church. It is indeed the latter, for God so loved that He gave....(John 3:16)

As a bit of history, I was born a Protestant and  raised in the Presbyterian Church, and  I committed my life to Christ on June 20, 1976, at the age of 27.  Since that time, I have loved and served my Lord Jesus the best I know how; but I have always felt that something was missing– a sacredness, a home, an unchanging faith, an adherence to  morals in this turbulent society, and a place where I could walk into a church anywhere in the world and find the same worship, the same liturgy. 

Those were issues with which I struggled, and as you can read from my first article posted on August 30, 2009, I found those issues resolved when I set foot in our local Catholic Church–Saint Cecilia Catholic Church here on Bainbridge Island WA.  I came HOME, not just to a building, not even to a faith, but to the Bride of Christ, His Church.  I had the Bridegroom (Jesus), now I have His Bride, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church–THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Since coming into The Catholic Church, so much more of my daily  Bible reading is making sense, and I find a new hunger in wanting to receive my “Daily Bread” through the Eucharist.  I feel like 2000 years of knowledge have unfolded, and for that I am so grateful to the many devoted Catholics who have upheld the faith so that I can now hold it.  Likewise too, I am grateful for my Protestant upbringing which has fed me to this point.  Praise to God for the path He put me on. 

May your life be blessed greatly, and may you be held in the palm of His hand on your journey for Catholicism and frugality.

Martha Wild King, M. Ed., Author

The Frugal Catholic:Learn to live on less to save and give more.