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Your Mother Loves You

Mom's are mandatory. Unfortunately, their love isn't. Maybe your relationship with your mother is good or perhaps not. After all, the only person who could choose His mom was Jesus.  And better yet, He gave  His Beloved Mother, Mary, to us when he was being crucified on the cross, which now means that we too have the best Mom possible.

So how is your relationship with Your Blessed Mother this Easter season?  She wants to show you how deeply she loves you, too, by blessing you with a "penny."

I first learned of this lovely tradition from Kimberly Hahn, mother of six and wife of Dr. Scott Hahn, a well-known Catholic author, and speaker.  Kim told her children that whenever they find a PENNY, it is her way and Mary’s way of saying, “Your mother loves you.”

Therefore when you are down, look down, and most often, you will find a penny on the sidewalk or street.  Ask Mary to show her concern, and some shiny copper will appear, letting you know.  Feel alone or confused?  Well, that small coin will inform you that you aren’t.

Hence the next time you find that one-cent piece, pick it up and thank God for your Mom—Mary, Our Blessed Mother, your biological mother, or your adoptive one. Then if you think about it, drop that penny into the collection box for the poor:  She dearly loves them too.


Martha Wild King, M. Ed., Author

The Frugal Catholic: Learn to live on less to give and save more.

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